Anthony’s proficiency and zeal for his clients and the Melbourne’s property market are key attributes that have made him one of Melbourne’s leading and most trusted Buyers Advocates.


With a career stretching almost two decades and having been mentored by some of the finest in the industry, Anthony’s experience across the real estate and finance sectors gives him a unique advantage and perspective on the Melbourne property market,


Anthony is extremely passionate about his work, and he loves working with people. Having a holistic understanding of his clients’ exact requirements enables him to navigate through the minefields of a tough real estate market and provide them with the best guidance and support.


He pairs these skills with an innate ability to successfully source Melbourne’s finest properties for his clients, thus helping families start their exciting new chapters together and investors succeed with their wealth creation goals.


In an industry where trust is paramount, Anthony is dedicated to building strong and transparent relationships with his clients and his entire commercial network. These qualities have helped him cement his reputation as an industry leader and resulted in him receiving multiple repeat business opportunities and referrals.


When he’s not inspecting dream homes or sharpening his market knowledge, Anthony loves spending time with his partner Sian, son Odin and daughter Adelise. He also loves reading, travelling, fitness and is a history and boxing enthusiast.


Contact Anthony today for a conversation about your property aspirations and a unique insight into one of the world’s most competitive and exciting real estate markets.

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