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Buying a property is one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. Having a professional representative in your corner eliminates the guesswork and helps you navigate through the minefield of a complex property market.

  • Why Use A Buyers Advocate?

  • Purpose: A Buyers Advocate will represent you, the purchaser, and level out the playing field against traditional Real Estate Agents who work exclusively for the Vendor and have their best interests at heart.


    Save time: Some people can spend months or even years searching for the right property as they are not clear on their objective. A Buyers Advocate will save you time by understanding your exact requirements, formulating the correct purchase scope and only recommending quality properties that truly suit you.


    Reduces stress: Buying a property can be timely, extremely emotional, exhausting and expensive. A Property Advocate will be your voice of reason, guide you throughout the entire process, provide quality advice and give you peace of mind when acquiring your property.


    Save money: Buyers Agents are well researched, have thorough market knowledge and know the true value of a property. They are very experienced negotiators and know how to control the tempo of auctions through their confident bidding. They have no emotional attachment to the property which means they bring strategy, clarity and commerce when competing for a property.


    Off-market access: Approximately 70% of Melbourne’s total property transactions are negotiated in an off-market capacity. A good Buyers Agent will have strong relationships with a large network of Real Estate Agents and are first to be informed about the latest off-market opportunities.


    Experience and Knowledge: Most people will buy one or two properties in their lifetime. Buyers Agents buy properties for a living and will buy multiple properties on a weekly basis. This high level of experience and skill gives them the ultimate edge when managing property acquisitions for their clients.


    Values aligned with the buyer: A Real Estate Agent works for the Vendor so their objective is to sell any property for the highest possible price. A Buyers Agent works exclusively for the Buyer so their interests are aligned and their goal is to purchase a the highest quality property at the cheapest possible price.


    Qualifications & Credentials: Trusted Buyers Advocates are fully licensed and obtain all the relevant qualifications to ensure their practises and procedures are aligned with the relevant industry bodies and regulators.


    Convenient for Interstate or Overseas Buyers: To buy a property, you need to be physically in the market and conducting thorough property inspections before you buy. If you are not locally based, a Buyers Agent can be your eyes and ears on the ground and assist you by bringing the property to life through videography and photography, live tours and verbal commentary. Their strict assessment, grading and due diligence process will also eliminate any guesswork you may have about selecting the right property from a distance.

  • Why Beckett Property?

  • Working with people and acquiring property is our absolute passion and we love doing it every day. We are your voice of reason and we only recommend properties that we would buy for ourselves. We provide a completely transparent service and holistic strategy which enables us to effectively communicate with our clients, guide them through the entire journey and achieve fantastic results.


    We hold all the relevant qualifications including the full Estate Agents License and Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate). We are also full members of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) which is the industry’s governing body.

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