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Acquiring the right opportunity is the most important step of every property development. It involves the perfect blend of experience, knowledge, industry networks, research, timing and execution.


At Beckett, we encompass over 40 years combined experience of purchasing fantastic Melbourne development sites and we are at the forefront of this space by representing you and securing your next successful project.


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As a Property Developer, you have your own unique criteria and desired goal that must be achieved with the purchase of each project. Our first step on this journey together is to uncover your exact development requirements which consist of purpose, budget, location, magnitude, style, targeted demographic and outcome objectives.

Based on your assessment, we conduct our market research and tailor the perfect brief for your individual development requirements. Our experience and in-depth market knowledge ensures that we are only recommending development sites that we know will provide quality and strong yields.

We are highly efficient in our processes and conduct daily searches using all major mediums and direct marketing where required. Our industry network has been built and managed over many years and we are also the first point of contact for selling agents with off-market opportunities which is a crucial advantage over your competition. We identify a large variety of property development sites for you including raw, permitted, residential, commercial, vacant land and industrial.

Due diligence is crucial when determining the likelihood of a successful property development. Once an opportunity has been identified, we work closely with you by implementing the most accurate and transparent feasibility study using a tailored and cutting-edge mathematical program. We also align ourselves with other leading professionals including Lawyers, Architects, Town Planners, Surveyors and Builders to qualify the legalities, projections and costings of the project.

Execution is of paramount importance once the decision has been made to enter the acquisition phase of the journey. Our experience is uncompromised when it comes to managing the entire process and implementing a successful strategy to secure your next development site. We know how to utilise selling agents and extract the required information about the property, the campaign and buyer competition. In today’s climate, many properties are sold privately, off-market and under the hammer at auction. Our professional negotiation and auction-bidding skills enables us to correctly position ourselves so we can control the tempo and secure the best terms, conditions and price.

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