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Buying your first home can be a daunting task as this is one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. Not having any experience can be overwhelming, especially when a partner or family is involved.


There are many aspects to consider before starting your search. For instance;


  • How much can you borrow for a home loan?
  • Are you eligible for stamp duty concessions based on your budget?
  • Can you afford to buy in the suburb you want to live in?
  • Are you buying the right property?
  • Have you conducted the correct due diligence on your property?


Your emotions will run high as you navigate through the minefield of the property purchase process and the possibility of a bad decision can lead to a lifetime of regret.


As Buyers Advocates, we understand the process and the psychology that first home buyers will endeavour on their journey. Don’t forget, we were also first home buyers once too! We work with many first home buyers on a daily basis and we have the experience and the knowledge to ensure you are buying the best possible property for your circumstances.


From the outset, we will qualify your exact requirements and help you build the dream of your next home with the correct purchase scope. We will work tirelessly to source and assess the best possible properties and conduct stringent due diligence to eliminate any risk. When the time comes time to buy your next home, don’t worry as we will manage the entire negotiation and auction bidding process and secure the property as cheap as possible for you.


Beckett Property will be there every step of the way to assist and guide you to making a great decision.






“Beckett Property helped my wife and I purchase our first home. They guided us through the whole process and made it easy. They acted on our behalf on auction day and was brilliant – I honestly believe if I was bidding, I would have lost the house. I recommend Tom and his team to anyone looking for a property – you are making a mistake if you don’t!”


Pete Piccione

First home buyer

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