Buyers Advocate Services

  • Who are we?

  • At Beckett, we are Buyer Advocates and Property Advisors who represent you, The Purchaser, in your property acquisition. We hold all the relevant qualifications including the full Estate Agents License and Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate). We are also full members of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) which is the industry‚Äôs governing body.


    There are quite a few different titles in our industry such as Buyer Advocates, Property Advocates, Buyer Agents, Property Advisors and Buyer Representatives. We are true Buyer Advocates and we work solely for you, The Purchaser and we have your best interests and outcome at heart.


    If you are interviewing different Buyer Advocates, we encourage you to perform your due diligence. Please ensure your candidates hold all the relevant qualifications and they are representing you, the purchaser, not the vendor.

  • What do Buyers Advocates Do?

  • Our sole purpose is to represent you, the purchaser, and to support you through the complete property purchase process. We level out the playing field against traditional Real Estate Agents who work exclusively for The Vendor and aim to sell you any property for the highest price possible. As Buyer Advocates, we ensure you are purchasing a quality property that meets all of your requirements and we secure it for the best possible price.

  • Why Use A Buyers Advocate?

  • Buying a property is one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. It involves a lot of planning, time, uncertainty and in many cases, a lot of disappointment. Having a professional representative in your corner eliminates the guesswork and helps you navigate through the minefield of a complex property market.

    Working with people and acquiring property is our passion and we love doing it every day. We are your voice of reason and we only recommend properties that we would buy for ourselves. We provide a completely transparent service and our holistic strategy enables us to;

    – Successfully qualify your exact requirements
    – Tailor the perfect scope
    – Source the most suited property
    – Assess the quality and risk profile of the asset
    – Manage the entire acquisition process

  • Who do we assist ?

  • We have assisted clients from all walks of life and the one thing we know is that there is no set profile and no limit for the many people we have successfully represented. Our clients generally range from; Home Buyers, Investors and Property Developers.

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