Auction snapshot - Auctioneer surrounded by crowd

Auction Snapshot – Saturday 24th June 2017

Our team was out in force at auctions today and wanted to report on some of the activity.

1/2 Windermere Cres, Brighton
Agency: Nick Johnstone
Auctioneer: Nick Johnstone
Agent’s expected price range: $1,500,000 – $1,650,000
Date: Thursday 22nd of June at 5.00pm

A crowd of approximately 15 people turned out on the cold, winter night to see the hammer fall on the 3 bedroom Brighton unit. With the auctioneer finishing his formalities, a man standing on his own opened the auction with a genuine bid of $1,000,000 – to which the auctioneer immediately responded with a vendor bid of $1,400,000. The auction stalled and it appeared certain that it was going to pass in but at the last moment, the original bidder placed another bid of a $10,000 rise which then prompted a second party to enter the auction with a $30,000 rise. With the rises erratically jumping in value, each party traded rises blows until it was announced on the market at $1,450,000. The bidding continued with the original contender emerging as the victor with a final bid of $1,555,000.

16 Carolyn St, Hampton
Agency: Charlton King
Auctioneer: TBC
Agent’s expected price range: $1,500,000 – $1,620,000 
Date: Saturday 24th of June at 11.00am

The sun-drenched morning attracted a strong crowd of 40 people who turned up to witness how the large home encompassing 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 cars and a swimming pool would fare. The Auctioneer did not receive an opening bid from crowd and then kicked off the bidding with a vendor bid of $1,580,000. He did well to try extract another bid but soon discovered that no one was willing to participate. After referring to the vendor, there were still no genuine bids until the last minute when a Buyers Advocate placed the first and only bid of the day at $1,590,000. The property passed in to the Buyers Advocate and then sold for $1,600,000.

11 Athelstane Grove Ivanhoe

11 Athelstane Gve, Ivanhoe
Agency: Jellis Craig
Auctioneer: Sam Rigopoulos
Agent’s expected price range: 1,950,000 – $2,145,000
Date: Saturday 24th of June at 11.00am

A huge crowd of nearly 80 people lined the street for the 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 2 garage family home. With the formalities concluded, the auction was passed over to the crowd and a man standing confidently at the back of the crowd opened the auction with a bid of $2,000,000. His opponents were spread amongst the crowd and each of them fired their bids against him however, he was resolute and confidently returned fire to each of the 3 challengers. With the property on the market at $2,300,000, the man continued to fend off other hopefuls as they progressively dropped out of contention. As the price hit $2,380,000, his last challenger bowed out and the auctioneer dropped the hammer and welcomed him to the neighbourhood.

44 McKinley Avenue Malvern

44 McKinley Ave, Malvern
Agency: Jellis Craig
Auctioneer: Andrew McCann
Agent’s expected price range: $2,850,000 – $3,000,000
Date: Saturday 24th of June at 12.00pm

A crowd numbering in the 60’s fronted to see the double-fronted Victorian home in action. With 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 carparks, it proved to be popular with 4 bidders fighting it out to vie for the home. Kicking the auction off at $2,750,000, 2 bidders traded $10,000 rises before the momentum slowed and one of them bowed out just after the property hit it’s reserve price of $3,000,000. Another bidder then engaged which caused the auction to gain momentum yet again with the rises swapping from $1,000 to $5,000 increments. Finally, a fourth and final bidder entered the auction, knocking his opponents out with $10,000 rises before being announced the new owner of the residence at $3,190,000.

23 Leonard St, Northcote
Agency: Jellis Craig
Auctioneer: Sam Rigopoulos
Agent’s expected price range: $1,300,000 – $1,400,000
Date: Saturday 24th of June at 1.00pm

A sizeable crowd numbering close to 60 stood in the winter sunshine to witness the auction of the 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom renovated Victorian home. With the formalities finished, the auctioneer passed it over to the crowd for their participation, however they were reluctant to engage with the auctioneer which then forced him to place a vendor bid at $1,250,000. With the crowd still silent, yet another vendor bid was placed at $1,275,000. Despite the agent’s best attempts, there were no genuine bids and the property passed in at $1,275,000. The asking price is now $1,350,000.


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