Auction snapshot - Auctioneer in brown coat calling auction

Auction Snapshot – Saturday 29th of July 2017

Our team was out in force at auctions today and wanted to report on some of the activity.


117 Roseneath Street Clifton Hill

117 Roseneath Street Clifton Hill

Agency: Nelson Alexander

Auctioneer: Arch Staver

Time: 10:00am

With a recently completed renovation, 117 Roseneath Street managed to draw a crowd of over 30 people despite the brutal winds that took over Melbourne today. Onlookers filled the house admiring its architectural merit which auctioneer Arch Staver highlighted during his pre-auction speech. Handing it then over to the crowd, it was met with silence and the auctioneer got things moving with a vendor bid of $1,500,000. It would prove to be a tough auction to get moving with only 2 parties getting involved trading $10,000 bids until the auction stalled at $1,610,000 and the property was passed in to the highest bidder. The status of the sale is unknown.

384 Canning Street, Carlton North

Agency: Hocking Stuart

Auctioneer: Scott McElroy

Time: 11:00am

With nearly 40 people spread across the grassy boulevard of Canning Street, it seemed as through the single fronted period home would generate strong interest. After auctioneer Scott McElroy finished up the formalities, he then handed it over to the crowd. Like many auctions, it was difficult to get the crowd to open the bidding which then forced Scott to place a vendor bid of $1,550,000. A man on his own traded bids with another family and then a third man decided to also jump in. With the price hitting $1,650,000, the parties decided to withdraw, and the property passed into the family. It later sold to them for $1,690,000 through negotiations.

83 Evans Street Port Melbourne

85 Evans Street, Port Melbourne

Agency: Marshall White

Auctioneer: Kaine Lanyon

Time: 12:30pm

The little Evans Street home proved to be popular with 4 bidders turning out to battle for the property. Auctioneer Kaine Lanyon opened the bidding up with a vendor bid of $900,000 and soon after, a battle emerged between a couple and a woman flanked by friends. With the property announced on the market at $1,050,000, the couple tapped out and the woman’s next challenger took their place. She made short work of him with confident counterbids and he soon backed out, only to be replaced by the couple who came back with renewed vigour. The woman eventually stopped bidding and it seemed as though the couple would win the property, however a fresh 4th bidder came in late and with only a few short bids, took the keys home at $1,175,000.

41 Imbros St Hampton

41 Imbros Street Hampton

Agency: Hocking Stuart

Auctioneer: Stephen Tickell

Time: 1:30pm

A massive crowd of well over 100 people gathered in the backyard of the Hampton home to see the hammer fall. Auctioneer Stephen Tickell didn’t have to wait long for the bidders to emerge with the auction opening up at $1,900,000 by a man standing on his own. He battled it out with another couple obscured behind the huge crowd and the property was announced on the market not long after at $2,200,000. A third contender soon jumped in with the 3 parties fighting it out, but the man on his own confidently counterbid both of his opponents with one of them dropping out soon after. A 4th bidder momentarily entered the fray but was smothered out by the other parties quickly. The man on his own fended off his competition calmly with the property soaring well past its reserve and the keys being taken for $2,510,000.

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