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For most people, eventually the time will come where you will simply need a smaller residence. Whether your children have grown up and moved out, the maintenance is getting too demanding or you are approaching retirement and would like to free up some equity – it’s time to downsize!


Downsizing your current home requires a lot of planning, especially if you need to sell your existing residence to facilitate the move. You will need to consider your family, friends, work, transport, amenities and the lifestyle that your next chapter will encompass.


Managing all of this while trying to balance the demands of work and a family is tough and the last thing you want is the stress of finding the right home.


Beckett Property Buyers Advocates understands the process and the psychology that you will endeavour on your journey for a smaller home. We work with many downsizers on a daily basis and we have the experience and the knowledge to ensure you are buying the best possible property for your circumstances.


From the outset, we will qualify your exact requirements and help you build the dream of your next home with the correct purchase scope. We will work tirelessly to source and assess the best possible properties and conduct stringent due diligence to eliminate any risk. When the time comes time to buy your next home, don’t worry as we will manage the entire negotiation and auction bidding process and secure the property as cheap as possible for you.


Beckett Property will be there every step of the way to assist and guide you to making a great decision.






“I was feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of downsizing and how I would manage it while working full time and being a mum. A friend recommended Anthony from Beckett and I’m so grateful. When I first met Anthony instinctively, I knew he was a trustworthy guy and he didn’t disappoint. Through the process, he was able to calm my fears and give me much needed hope. When we found the property I wanted, Anthony was amazing at dealing with lawyers, agents, council and getting me the special arrangements I needed. On auction day, his skills were outstanding. There were seven bidders and he was still able to secure the house for me well under my top price. I almost felt sorry for the other bidders as they didn’t stand a chance…but not for long. The after-auction service has also been fantastic and I can now honestly say it’s been worth every cent. A huge thanks to Anthony”


Cathy Ward


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