Private Inspections allowed in Melbourne again


Lockdown 6.0 came as a knock-out blow to Melburnians as we endure another long road before restrictions ease again. It has proven to be both mentally, physically, and financially tough for many, but one small victory that we can gain from this horrendous experience is the return of physical property inspections.

Due to some great lobbying from our industry’s heavy hitters, the Andrews Government deemed physical property inspections necessary and allowed them to commence again from Saturday 18th September. New rules need to be followed where these inspections must be private, and only one household at a time can attend. We believe these rules provide buyers an even bigger advantage than the previous rules of public Open for Inspections (OFI’s).

There is no doubt that one of the biggest emotional, financial, and social decisions that people make in their lives is buying a new home. What amazes us is the fact that the majority of these people only spend an average of 30 – 40 minutes in the house before making this momentous and life changing decision. People spend more time deciding on a new pair of jeans which are a fraction of the cost!

Another disadvantage of OFI’s is that buyers must share their home shopping experience with large groups of strangers. How on earth can you make a qualified decision when 30 other people are trying to make the same decision as you? Do you really want this property? Or do you just want it because the other buyers want it? This process is known in the industry as ‘compression-selling’ and can easily lead you down the path to a rushed, incorrect and very costly decision.

Private and exclusive property inspections are the most crucial element when selecting your next home, and Melburnians must exploit this luxury under the new Lockdown 6.0 rules. Private inspections are your best friend and only chance to truly connect and build rapport with the property. You create the opportunity to walk throughout the entirety of the home, really understand it’s personality and envisage yourself living there with your loved ones. You are allowed the space and time to thoroughly assess all the property’s features, and decide whether they will suit your short, medium and long term requirements.

We strongly advise that all decision makers are present at your private inspection and make the decision together – not apart. Joint decisions are far more powerful than individual decisions. By assessing the property together, we guarantee that you will notice far more about the property as two heads are better than one.

This personal time can also be used to measure the size of the rooms and ensure that your furniture will not only fit, but also match the aesthetics and style of the dwelling. Fitting cars into garages or basements are crucial and people must ensure that they can easily manoeuvre in and out of them.

Private inspections also eliminate the awkwardness of your competition. It is extremely hard to truly connect with a property when you are wondering whether the other person in the room is serious about buying, or whether they have a higher budget than you. This feeling can be quite unsettling, and that voice inside your head may even sabotage the decision of your dream home.

Another distraction which you normally need to be wary of in private inspections is the real estate agent themselves. They have a knack for following you around the property to hear all your comments, and they possess highly trained dialogue to overcome any objections you may have. The current Lockdown 6.0 rules don’t allow the real estate agent to be inside the property with you at the same time so you can currently exploit this advantage.

Private inspections allow you to focus more on the smaller details and identify imperfections with the property. Vendors and agents are notorious for hiding faults (particularly with furniture) so ensure that you check for any secrets that are being covered up. Take a closer look at items like natural light, noise, windows, and doors opening easily, taps are working, any signs of dampness or mould on walls and ceilings. Examine the structural integrity of the property like sagging ceilings, buckling walls and re-stumping issues. Don’t forget to try all the light switches and check the fuse box to determine the age of the circuitry.

We advise that you only proceed with a property purchase once you have conducted a minimum of two inspections of the property. The second inspection will generally make or break your final decision. We then advise engaging a professional Building & Pest Inspector to check the structural integrity of the dwelling.

Of course, you can also engage a qualified Buyers Advocate from our team at Beckett. We are highly trained in the home buying process and possess a wealth of experience with assisting prospective purchasers. We will provide you with a professional opinion and voice to ensure you make the right decision for you and your family.

At Beckett Property, we embrace the changes to our city and the varying market conditions. We constantly strive to source new opportunities for our clients which unlocks the potential of each property and creates remarkable lifestyles within the Melbourne community.

Our commitment and dedication to our clients has firmly established our position as one of Melbourne’s most successful, consistent and creative Property Advisories. Our company is built on the foundation of experience, current industry and economic knowledge, ethical advice, networks, relationships, world-class customer service and optimum results.

If you are thinking about getting into the market to buy a property in 2021, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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